LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) – If you’re looking for a new pet this holiday season the Lubbock Animal Shelter has hundreds of animals waiting for their forever homes.

Steven Greene, the Director of Lubbock Animal Services, estimates that they have around 450 dogs and a hundred cats up for adoption.

“It breaks my heart, if people would spay and neuter it would help so much. These animals need a good home and now if you figure the average mom in here has six puppies and we have twelve cases, that’s a lot of animals that may be neglected in the future,” Greene said.

In his five and a half years serving as the director for Lubbock Animal Services, Greene says he’s never seen this many puppies and nursing mothers at the shelter.

Even though the puppies only make up a small percentage of more than 600 hundred animals waiting for homes, the staff at the Lubbock Animal Shelter fears this number could go up after the holidays.

“It’s always really exciting for a kid to get a puppy or a kitten during Christmas. Then some of that excitement kind of wears off once they realize the responsibilities that come along with that. Usually within a couple weeks to a month we see some of those puppies back in here,” said Jace Morse, a supervisor for Lubbock Animal Services.

But for those who are set on getting a new pet this Christmas, Steven Greene wants to encourage potential owners to consider the love they could gain and the money they could save if they choose to adopt from the Lubbock Animal Shelter.

"If you go and buy a pet from an individual you’re gonna have to get it vaccinated, micro-chipped, tagged, spayed or neutered, and then you’re looking at probably a couple hundred dollars at least. But we have one of the cheapest adoption rates in this part of the country,” Greene said.

For the rest of the week, the cost of adopting any animal from the Lubbock Animal Shelter is $15.

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